Don’t Trust Analytics without Context [Video]

Sticking with the theme of advertising and analytics, here is the video we use in #hkuiom to illustrate why ‘Analytics’ cannot be viewed in isolation.

Generic Brand Video: A example of great advertising [Video]


This wonderful video made up of stock footage is selling stock footage. Makes one think on many levels about branding, consumer behavior, advertising. Also a great advertisement. #hkuiom

Solar Roadways: Great Concept, Great Marketing [Video]

Solar Roadways, a US based start-up that is developing a “modular paving system of solar panels” has raised $1.4 million in crowd-funding, within 7 days, on Indiegogo. While the concept of solar-powered smart roads is exciting and a peek into possible future, the success of Solar Roadways’ ‘viral’ marketing campaign raises several discussion points for our #hkuiom meetings!


The wonderful video that powered this superb effort is below: