Accessing Facebook through SMS

A Dutch firm has introduced SIM cards that enable users to access Facebook through SMS, with no need for a dataplan. This has been introduced as a subscription service in Argentina. Implications for this in India are immense, with the large installed base of 600 million mobile connections, rapid growth in FB adoption and low SMS prices. 50 rupees ($1) for all you can FB without a dataplan is conceivable!


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BT Openreach to offer 300 mbps broadband in UK

The UK will get 300 mbps broadband speeds next spring. BT Openreach, which manages backend telecom infrastructure, will deliver these speeds through fibre connections to customer premises. Customers with existing copper connections will also be able to get their speed bumped up to 80 mbps. This will further improve the UK’s 10th rank in the global ICT index through increases in both the penetration of broadband (currently at 31 per 100 people) and in the highest possible downstream speeds (currently at 41 mbps).

BT Openreach van. (Vauxhall Vivaro)

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Apple leads the App Wars

Apple is winning the App Wars across several metrics. As seen in the below infographic, there are more than 450,000 apps for the  iPhone and iPad combined and 71% of the iPhone apps are paid apps. Android is a clear number two in the $15 billion App market.

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iPhone 4S Official Video

Apple announced the iPhone 4S, which is an iPhone 4 with better innards. Faster processor, better camera and Siri – the voice activated assistant that is eerily like the Enterprise’s computer from Star Trek.

Here is the official iPhone 4S video.

Indian call center industry no longer the biggest

More people work in call centers in the Philippines than in India. The growth rate of India’s call center industry has slowed as it faces demand and supply side pressures. Many clients are moving work back onshore, operating costs are increasing and the jobs are loosing their luster.

An Indian call center

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India now faces stiff competition from the Philippines, according to recent research from IBM. The study for the Contact Center Association of the Philippines estimates that 350,000 Filipinos work in call centres, compared with 330,000 Indians.

via BBC News – India’s call centre growth stalls.

Indian consumers can say NO to pesky telemarketing calls/SMSs

The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has come out with ads that inform mobile customers of new rules about telemarketing calls and SMSs. This will be a welcome relief to harried consumers who are subject to a flood of unsolicited messages and calls on a daily basis. However, the TRAI has also put a restriction of 100 outgoing SMS per day for pre-paid and 3000 SMS per month for post-paid plans. This may affect operator revenues negatively as SMS is a highly favored communication medium among young adults across the world. For example, the average American teen sent 3339 texts per month in 2010 (4050 for women and 2539 for men).


Image via Times of India

Apple’s invite says it all

Apple has sent out invites to its iPhone event. The invite has four iOS icons – three communicate the date, time and location for the event. The net is abuzz that the fourth stands for the iPhone. But what is the 1 in the right hand corner of that icon – does it suggest that only a single iPhone model will be launched?

Apple's iPhone event invite