Skype growth continues

Microsoft released some interesting Skype figures during its Q1 results call. It said that Skype has 170 million monthly users, with 20 million new users being added each month. This would imply that there is high churn in Skype users. We can expect great things once Skype integration with Windows PC and Phone operating systems and XBox happens.

5 Takeaways From Microsoft’s Earnings Call.

The Journey from the Beginning of Skype

This brilliant infographic by shows Skype’s journey from conception to acquisition. While Skype has yet to make a profit, it has been sold, spun off, and resold. 100 million Skype users make 13% of all international calls – if Skype gets integrated into Windows, expect this number to grow, along with eventual profits.

Skype: From Conception to Acquisition (Infographic)

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Microsoft completes Skype acquisition

Microsoft has announced that it has completed its acquisition of Skype. Its target is to grow Skype to a billion users – a number which should be attained if Skype is bundled with each Windows device – PC, tablet & phone. Skype has released the below infographic on this occasion.

Image via Skype

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