Qualcomm’s Augmented Reality SDK

Qualcomm‘s Augmented Reality (AR) SDK allows developers to design Android and iOS apps that can augment a live image from a camera  with superimposed virtual content (such as graphics, data, media, etc). The SDK, which is distributed free, provides several features, including virtual buttons, 3D objects, frame markers and targets.

Here is a video of the sample apps that are provided in the SDK

The below video of the winners of the Qualcomm AR Challenge (from Feb 2011) helps to fully appreciate the power of this toolkit.

Download the SDK here.

Read more at Augmented Reality | Products and Services | Qualcomm.

Developing apps using Box.net API

Following its hugely successful 50gb giveaway, Box.net is an attractive platform with which to integrate mobile apps. The Box.net mobile API augments its base API to provide additional resources to mobile developers. However, compared to the recently released Dropbox API, this toolkit seems to be lacking in some security and usability features. Guess an update is round the corner.

Image representing Box.net as depicted in Crun...

Image via CrunchBase

Get sample code at Box Platform Developer Documentation / ApiExamples.

Read more at Box Platform Developer Documentation / BoxPlatformMobile.