Google’s Project Glass

Google has posted a video about Project Glass – a concept technology that enables a heads-up display through a pair of wearable glasses. Termed Google Glasses by some, this product will enable users to access Google’s growing basket of services through a combination of voice and gesture commands.  This product, which is rumored to hit the market by the end of the year (plausibly in a less finessed form?) and is being tested in the wild, will provide augmented reality displays by pulling data from Google Search, Maps, and Plus, and also have calendar, contact book, music player, and video conferencing capabilities. Images of the glasses show a rather minimalistic design, thus it is possible that the glasses will connect to a base station (an Android phone perhaps?) via bluetooth for memory storage, GPS, phone and internet access capabilities.

The next step towards wearable + mobile computers

A wearable, multitouch, mobile interaction system, christened ‘OmniTouch’ has been developed by researchers from Microsoft and a Ph.D. student from CMU. This system allows the user to interact with a screen projected onto any and multiple surfaces.

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