Microsoft completes Skype acquisition

Microsoft has announced that it has completed its acquisition of Skype. Its target is to grow Skype to a billion users – a number which should be attained if Skype is bundled with each Windows device – PC, tablet & phone. Skype has released the below infographic on this occasion.

Image via Skype

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Windows Azure speediest cloud service?

Microsoft‘s cloud service offering, Windows Azure has beaten Amazon’s EC2 and Google’s App Engine in a year long test of cloud speeds. However, this test only evaluates a specific cloud capability by simulating a 2 page website.

Diagram showing overview of cloud computing in...

Image via Wikipedia

While Compuware’s results may be a good starting point for customers trying to decide between various cloud services, they’re not perfect. For example, Salesforce’s cloud isn’t tested, even though it may be the most widely used platform-as-a-service cloud.

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