Volkswagen’s Location Based Ad in Hong Kong [Video]

Earlier this year, Volkswagen used a location-based advertisement to convey the risks of texting and driving to movie watchers in Hong Kong. This highly effective campaign (video below) used a relatively well-established ‘old’ technique of location-based SMS (think geofencing plus SMS broadcasting). This is another in a series of increasingly sophisticated LBS campaigns being used by firms for marketing purposes (see an earlier example here).  However, this is just the tip of the iceberg – the convergence of SoMoLo,  ambient intelligence and digital wallets will automate several aspects of commerce.


Nestle’s Location Based Campaign

Nestle has utilized geolocation technology to run a ‘We Will Find You’ campaign in the UK. Nestle has put GPS transmitters inside chocolate bars. If a consumer opens such a bar, the GPS will be activated and within 24 hours, the consumer will be trackeddown and paid 10,000 pounds.

English: A Nestle Aero Mint bar split in half.

English: A Nestle Aero Mint bar split in half. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

An interesting use of geolocation technology – Nestle claims that it is the first to use this technology in such a manner. However, the ad and campaign seem to be too focused on the ‘coolness’ of the technology itself and raises concerns regarding privacy and what will come next.