Through the looking glass – robotizable jobs

Over time, the relentless march of technology results in disruptive changes to labor markets due to increasing automation. The below infographic by Mindflash presents an interesting look into the future by suggesting several jobs that will be replaced by robots.

Techno Takeover: Can Your Job Be Done By a Robot?

Image via MindFlash

See the original image at Techno Takeover: Can Your Job Be Done By a Robot? | Mindflash.

The Rise of Gamification

Most analysts agree that Gamification will drive major changes in enterprise IT in the coming years. Gartner has predicted that 70% of G2000 firms will have a minimum of one gamified app by 2014. Gamification is predicted to create more user (and thus employee or customer) engagement and loyalty, thereby driving  sales or productivity gains.

Gamification describes the broad trend of applying game mechanics to non-game environments to motivate people and change behavior.

For a gamified application truly to engage its audience, three key ingredients must be present and correctly positioned: motivation, momentum and meaning (collectively known as “M³”).

Read more at Gartner Predicts Over 70 Percent of Global 2000 Organisations Will Have at Least One Gamified Application by 2014.

Microsoft’s vision of the future of work

In the past week, Microsoft released its vision for the future of work In 2019. Some key technologies that the video showcases are:

– Gesture, touch and speech based navigation

– Context aware intelligence

– Natural speech translation

– 3D holographic output

– Cloud based data and services

– Multi-surface inputs

– Lots of Gorilla glass!

Microsoft’s original post is here.