Giving an eBook free for a limited time: A new business model?

Scott Berkun, who worked with Microsoft on Internet Explorer till 2003, now works for Automattic on, and is the author of three previous books, Confessions of a Public Speaker, Making Things Happen and The Myths of Innovation, is giving away his latest book, Mindfire, for free. Only for 48 hours.

This is an interesting mix of the Freemium model and sampling strategy. Most of the content in the book is curated from the author’s blog and hence is already accessible for free, albeit in piecemeal form. The hard copy of the book sells for $8.69 on Amazon and the eBook would also have a price after the free giveaway is over. By giving away the book for free, the author would benefit from word-of-mouth publicity and resultant sales. This would also increase the number and quality of reviews available for the book on Amazon, thereby positively impacting future sales of this and other books. Finally, people who like the free sample may be driven to purchase a copy of the author’s previous works.

Read more and get the book at Mindfire: Download free for 48 hours « Scott Berkun.