Digitizing Paper Books

1DollarScan.com offers to digitize any book @1$ per 100 pages. Ship your  books to them and they send you PDFs in return. To avoid copyright issues, the firm scans each book, destroys it and does not maintain master digital copies on their servers.

Implications of this service are huge – publishers will gain by the removal of books from the huge second-hand book market. However, they may argue that they are loosing potential digital books sales they could have made to the users of 1DollarScan.

There are also several grey areas – it is not clear which rights apply to the PDFs of hard copy books – owners have greater rights over analogue books as compared to digital books. For example, can one borrow a PDF of an analogue book without breaking the TOS of the digital version of the book? Also, when someone buys an analogue copy of a book, do they get the right to digitize it? Or would copyright law require them to buy a separate digital copy?

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