New ‘Social’ Experience at Box start screen (iPad) start screen (iPad) (Photo credit: Rob Enslin)

Box has just announced a series of updates that revolve around providing a more ‘social’ experience to its users.




These updates are clearly aimed at gaining more enterprise customers for Box by enabling more interaction and engagement and making it easier for sharing and collaboration. However, many enterprise customers will value utility over the ‘Facebookisation’ of Box. This is where the new enhanced search functionality, and the ability to edit documents from within the application are potential game-changers. Below is a video detailing these changes.



On the whole, Box needs to maintain a fine balance – by incorporating a much-needed social fabric (and the ensuing chaos, privacy concerns, information overload), it risks loosing its key differentiation factor with its main competition Dropbox – of being a no-nonsense, secure, enterprise oriented service.





Box reports huge Enterprise Android growth (which is moving from being a cloud based storage to a cloud based enterprise sharing and collaboration platform) looked at its 8 million users and developed the below infographic – a key highlight is that mobile adoption of box grew nearly 9 times in the past year and though iOS still rules the roost, Android adoption by businesses has seen a huge boost (10x for tablets, 4.3x for phones). India remains Android land – a majority of mobile Box users access the platform using Android devices.

Image by Box

See the original infographic here.’s Enterprise Strategy, the big challenger to DropBox for a cloud-based storage solution, has introduced Box OneCloud. This is a set of four ‘premium’ Box-enabled enterprise apps (plus thirty others) that allow document editing, annotating, note taking and faxes, from within Box.

Today, we’re pleased to answer that question with the introduction of Box OneCloud—the first enterprise mobile framework to bring together your mobile content and the mission-critical apps designed to work with it. Starting with over thirty iOS apps, including four premier apps that offer deeper “round-trip” integrations, OneCloud will help you be productive from anywhere.

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Changing Role of the CIO

This infographic, shared by Wikibon, highlights the changing role of the CIO. A top priority for CIOs today is supporting business transformation through the application of cloud, mobile and big data.

Think of the CIO as managing a portfolio of applications, technologies, people and processes. The technology portfolio is allocated to initiatives that are designed to 1) Run the business 2) Grow the business and 3) Transform the business. Like a good portfolio manager, the CIO must balance risk and reward by allocating resources in a balanced manner.

The Changing Role of the CIO

There are several other nuggets of information available on this infographic, including the fact that cloud adopters save an average of 21% annually.

via The Changing Role of the CIO [Infographic] « Wikibon Blog.

Cloud-based applications next step towards utility computing

A cloud computing firm, Numecent, has demonstrated cloud based games. Their technology, called ‘cloud paging‘, allows users to stream any application to their PCs. Unlike competing technologies, this technology runs the application at the user end, instead of on a server.

It works by analysing the code of a piece of software to discover the most-used elements and only delivering those to your PC. For large applications such as Photoshop, users normally only need around 5 per cent of the code to start using the program and the rest can be streamed in later.

This ability to remotely provide any application, on-demand, takes us one step closer towards the concept of utility computing.

via One Per Cent: Cloud-streamed games let you click and play.

More Cloud Wars: Another 50gb giveaway by is giving away another 50gb free to its existing and new users. This coincides with their launch of the Box for Android app, which introduces bulk upload, commenting and collaboration features. To get this free upgrade, users have to access their account from an Android device. (Photo credit: thejedi)


A note – iOS users who availed of the free 50gb offer last year cannot use this offer to get a 100gb account.







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Business Impacts of Cloud Computing

CSC has released an infographic that showcases the drivers and business impacts of cloud adoption. CSC’s survey found that enhanced mobility is the key driver for firms to adopt cloud computing and that firms benefit from small savings and increased IT performance.

Image via Mashable

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Google Music

With the launch of Google Music, the war for digital content is very much on. Amazon and Google present two formidable competitors to Apple’s iTunes hegemony. Key features of Google Music are:

  • Cloud-based auto syncing music library
  • Sharing of purchased music on Google+
  • Exclusive content
  • Free upload of existing music library (to a maximum of 20,000 songs) to the cloud
Music Beta by Google logo

Image via Google

A feature by feature comparison with iTunes and Amazon Music offers insight into the two critical value drivers behind Google Music – deep integration with Google+ (thus leveraging the social aspects of music consumption) and an almost unlimited capacity to transfer existing music libraries (thus reducing lock-in costs and encouraging users of other platforms to shift).

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The Cloud Wars: offers free 50gb to iOS users

The cloud wars are heating up. To coincide with the launch of 5gb space on the iCloud, has announced free 50gb of space for iOS users. Compared to the offerings of the market leader, DropBox (2 gb free, 50gb for $10 a month), this is a steal!

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Windows Azure speediest cloud service?

Microsoft‘s cloud service offering, Windows Azure has beaten Amazon’s EC2 and Google’s App Engine in a year long test of cloud speeds. However, this test only evaluates a specific cloud capability by simulating a 2 page website.

Diagram showing overview of cloud computing in...

Image via Wikipedia

While Compuware’s results may be a good starting point for customers trying to decide between various cloud services, they’re not perfect. For example, Salesforce’s cloud isn’t tested, even though it may be the most widely used platform-as-a-service cloud.

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