New ‘Social’ Experience at Box start screen (iPad) start screen (iPad) (Photo credit: Rob Enslin)

Box has just announced a series of updates that revolve around providing a more ‘social’ experience to its users.




These updates are clearly aimed at gaining more enterprise customers for Box by enabling more interaction and engagement and making it easier for sharing and collaboration. However, many enterprise customers will value utility over the ‘Facebookisation’ of Box. This is where the new enhanced search functionality, and the ability to edit documents from within the application are potential game-changers. Below is a video detailing these changes.



On the whole, Box needs to maintain a fine balance – by incorporating a much-needed social fabric (and the ensuing chaos, privacy concerns, information overload), it risks loosing its key differentiation factor with its main competition Dropbox – of being a no-nonsense, secure, enterprise oriented service.





Box reports huge Enterprise Android growth (which is moving from being a cloud based storage to a cloud based enterprise sharing and collaboration platform) looked at its 8 million users and developed the below infographic – a key highlight is that mobile adoption of box grew nearly 9 times in the past year and though iOS still rules the roost, Android adoption by businesses has seen a huge boost (10x for tablets, 4.3x for phones). India remains Android land – a majority of mobile Box users access the platform using Android devices.

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See the original infographic here.’s Enterprise Strategy, the big challenger to DropBox for a cloud-based storage solution, has introduced Box OneCloud. This is a set of four ‘premium’ Box-enabled enterprise apps (plus thirty others) that allow document editing, annotating, note taking and faxes, from within Box.

Today, we’re pleased to answer that question with the introduction of Box OneCloud—the first enterprise mobile framework to bring together your mobile content and the mission-critical apps designed to work with it. Starting with over thirty iOS apps, including four premier apps that offer deeper “round-trip” integrations, OneCloud will help you be productive from anywhere.

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Read more at Box OneCloud: Powering the Mobile Enterprise in the Post-PC Era | The Box Blog. trying to create a developer ecosystem has announced the launch of the Box Innovation Network, an platform to support and engage with developers who use the API in their apps. Following its 50 gb giveaway, now has 8+ million users and has evolved into a collaboration platform, providing integration with several enterprise applications including Salesforce and Google Apps.

Read more at Box Innovation Network: Innovation in Enterprise Software is Possible | The Box Blog.

Developing apps using API

Following its hugely successful 50gb giveaway, is an attractive platform with which to integrate mobile apps. The mobile API augments its base API to provide additional resources to mobile developers. However, compared to the recently released Dropbox API, this toolkit seems to be lacking in some security and usability features. Guess an update is round the corner.

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Get sample code at Box Platform Developer Documentation / ApiExamples.

Read more at Box Platform Developer Documentation / BoxPlatformMobile.