BMW Group Industry 4.0 Tech Summary [Video]

BMW Group Industry 4.0 Tech Summary
The BMW Group is increasingly relying on innovations from the fields of digitalisation and Industry 4.0 in production logistics. This will ensure the company’s global production network continues to receive the parts it needs in a timely and reliable manner in the future. The focus is on applications such as logistics robots, autonomous transport systems at plants and digitalisation projects for an end-to-end supply chain. Staff can control logistics processes from mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets and use virtual reality applications to plan future logistics. Innovations coming out of many pilot projects are being implemented worldwide in logistics at BMW Group plants.

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David Chalmers: The Philosophy of Virtual Reality [Video]

David Chalmers: The Philosophy of Virtual Reality
New realities are imminent: how VR reframes big questions in philosophy

The virtual reality (VR) industry is currently in its infancy, but in just a few decades it’s possible that virtual environments will be nearly indistinguishable from reality. Along with transforming everyday life, a VR revolution could fundamentally change how we understand and define what is real. In this installment of Aeon In Sight, the renowned Australian philosopher and cognitive scientist David Chalmers considers how VR is reframing and shedding new light on some of philosophy’s most enduring questions about cognition, epistemology and the nature of reality.

Producer: Kellen Quinn

Interviewer: Nigel Warburton

Editor: Adam D’Arpino
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Deep Learning – Computerphile [Video]

Deep Learning – Computerphile

Google, Facebook & Amazon all use deep learning methods, but how does it work? Research Fellow & Deep Learning Expert Brais Martinez explains.

EXTRA BITS from this Video:
HTML: Poison or Panacea?: Coming Soon!
AI’s Game Playing Challenge:
Pong & Object Oriented Programming:

This video was filmed and edited by Sean Riley.

Computer Science at the University of Nottingham:

Computerphile is a sister project to Brady Haran’s Numberphile. More at

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Humongous fungus [Video]

Humongous fungus

The largest living thing on the planet is not a whale or any other animal you might expect. It is a giant fungus that kills anything in its path, currently taking up more than three square miles of Oregon.

Produced by Matthew Stuart

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Introduction to NodeXL – 1 [Video]

Introduction to NodeXL – 1

An introduction to the Network Overview Discovery and Exploration add-in for Excel 2007/2010. NodeXL allows users to create network diagrams as easily as they can generate pie charts in a spreadsheet. Social media networks from Twitter, email, YouTube, flickr, WWW, wikis, and Facebook are all available through NodeXL. Network metrics and visualizations are easy to generate with no programming skills required. This video illustrates the use of NodeXL by mapping the connections among people who tweet the term “NodeXL”.

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“Year 1999 AD” – A 1967 Film Imagines the Future [Video]

“Year 1999 AD” – A 1967 Film Imagines the Future

They got some things wrong, they got some things right. One thing they most definitely got right: casting actress Marj Dusay.

Produced by Tom Thomas Organization for Philco-Ford Corp.

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This 12-Mile-High Elevator Will Reduce the Cost of Space Travel [Video]

This 12-Mile-High Elevator Will Reduce the Cost of Space Travel

We may soon take an elevator to get to space.


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