Solar Roadways: Great Concept, Great Marketing [Video]

Solar Roadways, a US based start-up that is developing a “modular paving system of solar panels” has raised $1.4 million in crowd-funding, within 7 days, on Indiegogo. While the concept of solar-powered smart roads is exciting and a peek into possible future, the success of Solar Roadways’ ‘viral’ marketing campaign raises several discussion points for our #hkuiom meetings!


The wonderful video that powered this superb effort is below:


Human Augmentation via Exoskeleton [Video]

One of the ET projects during last term’s #hkuiom showcased several videos on human augmentation. This video is a promo of Lockheed Martin’s HULK Exoskeleton, which is designed to enhance the capabilities of a human soldier.



Twitter Tips – Dr. Seuss Style

The folks over at HootSuite (my current favorite Social Media Management Dashboard) recently came up with this wonderful Dr. Seuss-Inspired Guide to Twitter. Very nice, humorous way to showcase several Twitter Tips for brands (remember #hkuiom – you are also a brand!).


Non-Functional Requirements in Mobile Applications

Fantastic piece on Non-Functional Requirements in Mobile Apps; a key question in our #HKUiSAD discussions!

All Things Mobile

Imagine if your bank’s website were to display the following disclaimer on its homepage: “We do not guarantee the security of your personal data or your account information while transacting on our net-banking portal”. Will you still use it? Almost certainly not!

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Tech Event at HKU

Students from the #hkuiom class have organized a Tech Event that shall be hosted HKU this Friday. Details below! 



HKU-CUHK-HKUST present a gathering of Technology companies that are redefining the future!

What: ‘The Future of Technology: How Tech Will Change Your Life!’ (see flyer below) 

Bringing together Founders, CEOs, General Managers and Heads of Technology from EVERNOTE, SLICIFY, EASY TAXI, SKY DRONE & ASIA NEXGEN BITCOIN!

When: 28th February (Friday) – 5:30PM to 8:30 PM

Where: Room C, Chow Yei Ching Building, The University of Hong Kong, Pok Fu Lam, HK.
Admission is FREE – Limited seats left! Register now at:
(See event speaker details, location and schedule in the registration link below)


Tech Event @ HKU

Tech Event @ HKU