Waiting stinks: How to redesign your product’s dead time

Some excellent design tips for #HKUiSAD developers on how to reduce the pain of customer wait time in your apps!


Recently my family gathered in North Carolina to celebrate a milestone in my sister’s life, and we arrived 10 minutes early for our reservation at a nice restaurant. “No problem,” they said, since the previous table was closing the check. We then stood waiting for more than half an hour –  during which we were refused water because the table was “almost ready”– and we checked in twice more before finally being seated. Though the restaurant eventually comped our appetizers, our meal was colored by a needlessly arduous bad start.

This situation made me think about my experiences with other establishments that have figured out ways to make waiting more pleasant. Some of these practices are well established in the real world, yet many of us working in the digital world fail to recognize or embrace those strategies to improve our products.

Above all, shrink the user’s wait


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