Another benefit of diasporas – home country web traffic

In a series of latest articles, The Economist lists the size, spread and economic benefits of diaspora.

There are now 215m first-generation migrants around the world: that’s 3% of the world’s population. If they were a nation, it would be a little larger than Brazil. There are more Chinese people living outside China than there are French people in France. Some 22m Indians are scattered all over the globe.

Beyond obvious benefits, such as remittances, diasporas also increase the flow of information and ideas, and enable ease of international business, thereby driving innovation and entrepreneurship in their home countries. (Read more at The world economy: The magic of diasporas | The Economist and Diasporas: Mapping migration | The Economist.)

Another benefit of diasporas, which has come to light in a report by comScore, is home country web traffic. Communication technologies and online news & entertainment channels play key roles in fostering the ties between diasporas and their home countries. This is reflected in the fact that 30 to 50% of traffic for most of the big Indian web properties originate from outside India. For example, 36% of Times of India’s 12.3 million visitors in September 2011, were from outside the country. 52% of ESPNCricInfo‘s nearly 8 million visitors and 57% of Bharatmovies 2.7 million visitors, did not live in India. These numbers have implications for content developers and online advertisers.

This map (from The Economist), which lists the world’s top 20 destinations for Chinese and Indian migrants, may help in identifying the major sources of web traffic for the top Indian websites.

Image via The Economist

Read more at India’s Local News Destinations See Visitors from Outside of the Country Account for a Significant Share of their Global Audience – comScore, Inc.

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