LinkedIn introduces Statistics for Groups

Following on the heels of its launch of its Classmates feature, LinkedIn has introduced a statistics dashboard for LinkedIn Groups. Like Classmates, the Groups dashboard displays key summary information in a graphical form. This information is of three types –

Member Demographics,

In the demographics view, we show you who’s in the group.  You can see information about the seniority level, function/role, location, and industry of the various professionals in the group.

Group Growth,

Here we show how the group has grown over time.

and Group Activity.

In the activity panel we focus on comments and discussions.


This feature again provides a glimpse into the powerful data that LinkedIn can call up. From a user perspective, it provides unique insights into the makeup and functioning of groups – thereby providing information to businesses on how to increase user engagement in affiliated groups through targeted efforts.


Image via LinkedIn


Read more at The LinkedIn Blog » Blog Archive Bringing you insights into LinkedIn Groups with our new statistics dashboard «.

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