India going LTE

India is going LTE. Close on the heels of Bharti Airtel’s plans for an LTE roll out in Kolkata, Reliance Industries has announced that it will be rolling out a pan-India LTE based 4G network in 2012.

Mukesh Ambani during World Economic Forum 2007

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Reliance’s choice of LTE as the basis for its 4G offer is significant, ending the hopes of backers of mobile WiMax that their standard could become the basis for services in one of the world’s largest mobile services markets. Reliance has reportedly been trialling TD-LTE with Nordic vendor Ericsson since the early part of 2011.

Currently restricted to data services, Reliance plans to entice customers with tablets starting from $60. It is expected that telecom policy changes will eventually allow companies to offer voice services via VOIP.

It plans to provide data connectivity with speeds of 50-100 Mbps, much faster than 3G services currently on offer, at cheaper prices.

Read more at India set for first 4G services with Reliance Industries in pole and Mukesh Ambani readies plans to roll out 4G data services, low cost tablets in 2012 – Economic Times.

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