More technology acquisitions for IBM

IBM is looking for acquisitions to augment its current competencies, knowledge and products. These acquisitions, in the range of  $100 million to $300 million, are rather small relative to the behemoth’s $100 billion turnover.

the company looks for deals that can augment products it already owns. For example, the statistical-analysis software company SPSS Inc., which IBM bought in 2009 for about $1.2 billion, complements the company’s 2007 acquisition of Cognos Inc., whose software creates executive “dashboards” for quickly perusing business data.

SPSS lends Cognos more robust statistics capabilities, and Cognos helps SPSS users visually depict their data

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IBM has made a habit of using such acquisitions to gain capabilities –

The company has made almost 50 software acquisitions since 2006 in such areas as data analysis, e-commerce, supply-chain management and computer security

via IBM eyes mid-sized acquisitions to fuel growth – The Times of India.

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