RIP: Facebook Deals

Facebook Deals was quietly buried last weekend. And no one has really noticed. AllThingsD says that FB Deals was a trial – a successful trial that FB was not willing to invest more into. Sounds like the HP TouchPad kind of trial that is becoming popular these a days.

This news may help Groupon with its IPO. It also gives ammo to folks who say that tech companies should focus – just because you are a great tech company, doesn’t mean you can do anything digital.

But our sources say that sales were meeting expectations, and that Facebook ultimately slashed the group because of limited engineering resources that could be used for better purposes.

One source said that it was a trial with a beginning and an end, and that in the end it wasn’t an actual strategic product of the company. Another source also said that Facebook wasn’t willing to contribute any more resources to it.

Facebook Deals May be Gone, But It’s Not a Reflection of the Industry – Tricia Duryee – Commerce – AllThingsD.

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