Social Media in India

FaceBook and Yahoo are the top two websites in India with nearly 52% reach, per this Infographic by Burson Marsteller. Social networks are the preferred channel in India and most of Asia. The 8.2% of Indians who are online generate 15,000m page views on FaceBook; compare this to ESPN Cricinfo that has a mere 66m pageviews. If these trends hold, then half of the 200 million new internet users from India will be on Facebook by 2014!

asia-pacific-social-media-infographic.jpg (536×9862).

2 thoughts on “Social Media in India

  1. Nice post. Gives a lot of incites into how people in different countries use social media. it’s good to see that Facebook doesnt dominate every country. There’s Zing and Youku too which are visited most often in some. Keep writing !
    I write posts on social media too –
    Do visit and give me your comments.

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